What are you waiting for?
The next promotion? The next holiday? The next satsang? The next Facebook update?
The next spiritual high? The next victory? The next relationship?
The next level of enlightenment? The next chance to prove how much you know?
The next life? The next… moment?
What if this ‘next’ never comes?
And even if it does, what if it won’t end your seeking?
What if life – and its fulfillment – is always Now?
Then, what’s next?

— Jeff Foster



  1. you can only eat so many chocolates. (said no one ever.) enjoy the one melting in your mouth right now, never know what’s coming down the line.

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  2. Head in the clouds with my feet planted to the earth. Stop and enjoy the now, smell the roses.

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  3. Now or never!

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  4. Ha! This was another that I was thinking of posting. I love Lucy.

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  5. My favorite episode of Lucy and a great analogy on life.

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  6. Love Jeff!

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  7. I hate to admit it but…. I really am always waiting for the next chocolate…

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  8. A lifetime of learning in these nine sentences.

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  9. Christie Annabella says:

    Oh, the fond remembrance this posts photo, evoked. I do enjoy watching the comedic talent of Lucy. My playmates who lived next door when we were growing up, enjoyed watching “Lucy” although, they had to be in bed before the show came on, must to their disappointment. Naturally, wanting to aid them in their desire to watch “Lucy” my creative brain thought outside the box and across the span of the driveway from my second story window to theirs. My siblings and I put our tv on a rolling cart, pushed the cart to the window we sat with our backs to the wall below our window, made sure the volume was up. We signaled the sisters and up went their shade. Mission accomplished 🙂 This went on at least for one season of “Lucy.” Our shades and their shades went down with a flash. the volume off, when their Mom ventured upstairs. Never did she catch on! I do have a likeness for chocolate esp if caramel is involved. In regards to Mr. Fosters prose…I try to live each moment of Reality in ‘Grateful Contentment’.–Kindly, Christie

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  10. Wowza. Yes.

    However, I must admit…I am often found waiting for the next happy hour 🙂

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  11. It’s really difficult to slow down and enjoy the now instead of what’s next. Although sometimes the fun of now is anticipation of .. what’s next 🙂 MJ

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  12. random olio says:

    So great. It is like we are on a roller coaster of life, or like the kid in the back of the car that continues to say “are we there yet?”

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