Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspiration




  1. Perfection

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  2. wow!

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  3. Beautiful!

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  4. Medic!

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  5. ha, so funny after you see my saturday morning posting )

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  6. Dear god … sorry I can’t help but see lumber issues later in life ……

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  7. Awesome!

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  8. Gorgeous photo. But my arthritic back hurts just looking at it.

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  9. It just goes to show, people will bend over backwards. It’s not just a saying with nebulous origins. 🙂


  10. Funny thing happened after I did this exercise after being “inspired.” I couldn’t get the top half of my body to come back up, so I figured, I might as well pick up a rag and mop the floor, since my hands were near the floor anyway. Trouble is, everything was upside down…but I’m learning to work around it. I’m also learning to work the gas and brake pedals with my hands when I drive into town, but I need to find a friend who will manage the steering wheel for me. Trouble is no one will drive with me. Go figure.

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