Running. On Christmas Day.


5:30am. Christmas Day. 2014.

A Charcoal black morning with low hanging fog.  52° F and drizzling. Christmas Day or Halloween?

A graceful leaning pushes me out the door early. I haven’t run outside in over a month. Divinity? Metaphysics? Hang-belly?

Traffic in the distance is muffled by a rain-soaked I-95. Where is everyone going?

You are strangely at Peace running in the Dark. With the Rocks. With the Potholes. Don’t you see it forces you to slow down? To pay attention with each step? In Daylight, You Rush. You don’t See. You don’t Feel.

A quasi-country tune by Five Way Friday pops up. Who is Five Way Friday? How did they get on my playlist?  Coincidence? Divinity? Metaphysics? Synchronicity?

A chill in the air…Outrunning the weather one more day…I cherish the feeling of my downtime…A moment to laugh my tears away…I like the rain but only sometimes…Living my life just a little too crazy…Could be wrong, but I don’t know…Taking the wonder out of maybe…Smelling the flowers as I go…

I’m one mile from Home. The flashing Beacons, two Red signal lights, stream intermittent red flames on the wet roadway and light up my rain gear.  I used to see meaning in a few things. Now I’m seeing meaning in street lights.

The rain falls heavily. I tuck my headphones in my pocket. I take off my cap. I let the rain patter on my face. There’s no sign of life on the entire 6-mile run. No humans.  No autos.  No barking dogs. I listen to the wind whistling and swaying the tall evergreens. Nature’s moment of silence?

Rain water has filled my shoes. I wiggle my toes in my wet socks. Rain has cut through my shirt, it nows drips down my chest and back. I shiver. Right now, some family is sleeping without heat, huddled waiting for morning. A child will wake today, disappointed at what’s not under the Tree. And won’t make it through the day without a hot meal.

I walk the last quarter mile to cool down. Cold has seeped into the Bones.  The tree lights are on. The kitchen lights are signaling the preparation underway for the rest of the day.  Zeke is sitting on the porch, his tail wagging.

My Bones begin to Warm.

Another great day to be alive.




  1. Good to see I’m not the only nutter out there… 🙂

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  2. And I was warmed by your delight in another day, a soggy run, a welcoming pup. Indeed, living your crazy life and realizing at the most arbitrary of times that perhaps, it ain’t all bad..

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  3. WMS, pal. It was great to read of your enjoyment in the sensations of the day, rather than you beating up on yourself.

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  4. Finer Things in Life says:

    So good to hear that i was not an anomaly yesterday when i went out,twice, for a brisk walk. After so much time hanging with family, i really needed this. Also saw three other runners in Plainfield! Good for us! Merry Christmas!

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  5. Wow, fantastic description of the joy of running. Merry Christas !! 🙂

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  6. Intriguing read! What a great perspective.

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  7. Great run, good to be alive, yes!

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  8. Sounds so delightful David! I didn’t leave the house once yesterday. How often does that happen? Life is good…

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  9. the thoughts about those less fortunate and the gratitude for how fortunate you are, very powerful .

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  10. It’s like you bring us along on your runs and I love it. I only wish it meant that I could count the run. I especially appreciate your reflection on the contrast between :…some family is sleeping without heat…” – and – “…some family is sleeping without heat… ” Well done.

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  11. Beautiful, inspiring post.
    An inspiring run as the sun rose on Christmas morning was the world’s gift to me this year. Felt blessed, through and through.

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