Weekend Reflection


Source: Just Sayin’


  1. Valid point….

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  2. Yes, David… The answer is Yes…!
    Just sayin! 🙂

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  3. I hope so!

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  4. Hopefully….

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  5. Probably not, but right now I would be willing to give it a try and find out!!

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    I would like to say yes……….

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  7. yes, very good point. but would it be okay if they lasted just a bit longer? )

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  8. Hmm…you ask so much of us on a Monday morning. That is a big question my friend, and I have had my coffee. Twice. I’m gonna go with – sigh – no, probably not….but I am totally willing to be wrong!!

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  9. Well history shows we are not very good at that? Besides, who forgets how precious our life is? ME! and we are given that each morning we wake up. We seem to remember this gift when it is taken from us. unfortunately. But we can keep trying!


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    A good reflection anytime…

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  11. btw, who’s the girl in the header?

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