Nostalgia for a lost world, an unrecoverable childhood


From Larissa MacFarquhar’s 2003 Profile of Quentin Tarantino:

“For every monologue he writes about an old movie or TV show, he writes one about European hamburgers or tipping waitresses or eating pork. … The love of minutiae, like the love of pop culture, is a form of nostalgia—a junk-food version of Proust’s madeleine. But, unlike madeleine-nostalgia—nostalgia for a lost world, an unrecoverable childhood—minutiae-nostalgia is nostalgia for a world that still exists, for a life you’re still living.”

(Source: Photograph by Ruven Afanador


  1. He’s an interesting character. I don’t care for his movies AT ALL–the violence just does me in–but I can appreciate that he is a master of his craft….

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  2. i am also a lover of minutiae. it is what keeps life interesting.

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  3. Me too…


  4. I agree that the recognition that nostalgia is always in the making, every moment potentially one that stays with you and has gravitas, keeps us alive and present.
    I have no idea who the actor is though…

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  5. Wow…I hadn’t thought of it this way and I wouldn’t have connected him and his work with this. I like the surprise in it all. A truly wonderful way to get us to think of the little things.

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