Oooooooh. Bring it.


White cheddar macaroni and grilled cheese sandwich with crispy parmesan crust. With bacon. YOWZA!

(Reader Note: One slight omission. This happens to be a “cannibas infused” white cheddar mararoni and grilled cheese sandwich. We going drug-free-commando here.)




  1. Twisted Lemon says:

    OH MY Goodness!!!! I am in heaven!!

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  2. OMG…that looks like heaven right there!

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  3. nutsfortreasure says:

    YIKES! I was going to ask if that was legal 🙂 Hope you enjoyed each and every bite!

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  4. Randstein says:

    A Mac-N-Cheese, bacon sammich with cannabis? Cure pain and munchies while giggling with hilarity at the colorful hues and geometric patterns of the macaroni, all at once. I suppose one could achieve Nirvana with one of those. 🙂

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  5. rakanigan says:


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  6. mac ‘n cheese ‘n baconator supreme is on my watch list

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  7. I shouldn’t have seen that pic on an empty stomach…I can almost smell the goodness!

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  8. I can see your arteries clogging over as you eat ha! Enjoy! TGIF!

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  9. It’s confirmed … You are part of my husbands family. I knew it!!!

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  10. Quick clarifying question if I may.

    How the **** do you eat it?

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    🙂 ok…we can share?

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  12. I cannot help but notice that this post is adjacent to a gerbil lying UNDER an exercise wheel. Just sayin’…..

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  13. I feel a heart attack coming on . . .

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  14. Mm… not sure about that one – might be nice, but.. a lot of wheat in that one sandwich. Have you tried one? I bet it’s very messy to eat?!!! 😉 We have a tradition in the north here in Britain of a sandwich called a ‘chip butty’ I’ve never tried one – yet. It’s two slices of bread with chips (fries) and tomato ketchup over the chips. It’s supposed to be really nice, but with all that bread and potato sounds a bit too filling for me. I think that’s the point though, it’s cheap food that fills you up. The macaroni cheese sandwich is probably the same?

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  15. Oh, Good Good. Diarrhea, here I come.

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