SMWI*: Get up Dad. Get up. Let’s go for a walk.


Notes: SMWI*=Saturday Morning Work-out Inspiration. Image Source:


  1. Notice how s/he knows exactly who to wake…

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  2. This made me laugh out loud. We have a similar scenario at our house, with a slight variation. Beau sits between us, staring a hole in me and making a little “mewling” sound until he sees me open my eyes. Then he throws himself on top of me and starts wagging his tail madly until I acquiesce and get up. You’d never even know David was in the bed–Beau doesn’t even glance in his direction… Sigh…

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  3. Alex Jones says:

    Is that your alarm clock David? It looks highly effective.

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  4. Oh, no thank you!!!!

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  5. LOL I Have cats who KNOW how to wake me up! LOL xx Amy

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  6. WOW! What a wonderful BOW BOW Wakeup. Loved it.

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  7. Loved it! Same scenario here this morning. Smaller version of dog, different gender selection.

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  8. There are two people in the bed. I want to know who is taking the video.

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  9. This might be why Jim and I never got those 2 dogs after we moved to Iowa, despite buying the house with a fenced-in yard and the Subaru with the grate in the back…ha! Love, love my sleep. 🙂

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