Welcome to 4 a.m.


Welcome to 4 a.m.

Where we lie in limbo,
waiting for the sun to come up,
the moon to go down,
the median between life
and whats left of the dark decay of lifelessness.
Where Your eyes open wide,
where your thoughts wander into the void of the infinite.
Where we wait to see the beginning,
the middle,
and the end.

~ Unknown

Photography: Hengki Koentjoro (Ocean Streak, Jogjakarta – Java, June 10, 2014) via Elinka. Poem from Wordsnquotes.


  1. Beautiful and a little dark (well, it is still dark)…Good morning my friend…have a little coffee – it will brighten the world view. Even at 4AM.


  2. WMS. This description IS a bit somber, but I have to say there’s something about this hour of the day that I find compelling. It’s like someone hit the ‘pause’ button….


  3. Reblogged this on Writing Out Loud and commented:
    thanks David, my favorite time of day, after a cup of coffee


  4. floating on the in-between.


  5. If it takes waking up at the hour you do to be brilliant, give me mediocre. Though I do appreciate your sacrifice.


  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    It is limbo indeed! ….. I know the feeling!!


  7. 4AM is exactly that for me. I’ve been stuck at 4AM for a bit. Ready for 5AM.:)


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