SMWI*: We’re #1

Wall Street Journal: Study Finds Nearly 29% of World Population is Overweight or Obese:

  • The obesity epidemic is global: 2.1 billion people or 29% of the worlds population.
  • Increases in overweight and obese people have been substantial, widespread and have arisen over a short time
  • 36.9% of the world’s men and 38% of women are overweight or obese.
  • No nation reported a significant decrease in obesity.
  • U.S. had the heftiest population, with 13% of the world’s obese
  • Factors: diet, physical inactivity and one that hasn’t gotten as much attention – changes in the gut micro biome that affect metabolism.

Read full article here: Study Finds Nearly 29% of World Population is Overweight or Obese

SMWI*=Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspiration


  1. not good news. and while some walk around overfull, others go hungry –


  2. Stand up! This minute!


  3. Sometimes it’s good to come in last


  4. A trip to the local mall is a perfect “field study” on this matter…sigh…

    On the subject of the gut micro biome, I’ve read two interesting books lately that seem to bear this out: “Wheat Belly,” by William David, MD, and “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease,” by Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., MD. My takeaways: eat healthily and MOVE! And with that I’m off to Fusion Circuit. 🙂


  5. Where’s the dislike button?


  6. Ah!! Got it!! SMWI …. Lol!


  7. I’ve got a BMI of 19.7, which is way too low and I eat as much food as my husband. A recent study suggested that older people who were slightly overweight lived longer than underweight ones. Not good news for me. I just don’t know how to put on weight, except my eating unhealthy stuff. A real dilemma.

    Interesting that the UK isn’t mentioned on your chart, as I see loads of overweight or obese people around. They make me feel like a stick insect in comparison.


    • Sarah, you are fortunate (and I’m sure due to your disciplined diet). As to UK, I noticed that no commonwealth countries (including Canada probably because of low pop.) made the top 10…


  8. When, when, when is this all going to stop??? It’s horrible.


  9. Terrible.


  10. Glad we are not on the list. But then again, these are just numbers and statics can be eskewed. I think they are talking about cats and dogs.


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