SMWI*: Narcose

You going to say, you don’t have 12 minutes to watch this. Then you’re going to look back weeks later and find, it has never left your consciousness. Watch Narcose.

Deep water freediving exposes its practitioners to a form of narcosis, which induces several symptoms, among which a feeling of euphoria and levity that earned this phenomenon its nickname of “raptures of the deep”. The short film relates the interior journey of Guillaume Néry, the apnea world champion, during one of his deep water dives. It draws its inspiration from his physical experience and the narrative of his hallucinations.

SMWI*: Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspiration


  1. Rapture? For one who has a little claustrophobia – fascinating and frightening, tho’ not euphoric. I didn’t realize I was barely breathing until the last frame..


  2. Mesmerizing!


  3. a sensual underwater ballet. as close to birth and death as can be shown.


  4. All of the above.


  5. I am glad you shared and grateful to have watched but wow, my breathing was so affected by it! Amazing! Thanks for the challenge of ‘don’t you have 12 minutes?” I am glad I took the 12 minutes.


  6. Talk about conditioning…something to strive for, eh David? When do you start?

    The pregnant woman reminded me of a scene from Monty Pythons, The Meaning of Life.


  7. I’m in the process of getting my open water dive certification. The rule they say is most important in diving: Never, ever hold your breath while diving.

    I was holding my breath the whole time I watched this beautiful film. That people can and do do this fascinates and terrifies me at the same time.


  8. getting narc hurts only once for me.


    • Smiling. Not sure if that is good or bad.

      On Sat, May 24, 2014 at 4:03 PM, Live & Learn wrote:



      • Luckily I didn’t get full narc thank goodness. I was in Cozumel. I wasn’t anywhere close to 120 ft. but once I got in the boat my legs started to hurt really bad. I could do another dive that day. I read several people a couple of years latter of a couple how both died down there. The dive master was is in an area known for mishaps. I my case, probably didn’t decompress as long as needed. I’m claustrophobic an oxymoron right. I had a panic attach shore diving in 1997, the water was to turbulent, I’m not crazy about shore diving. We were in no more than 5 ft of water and I freaked out. Started pulling my mask off, thought my husband was trying to kill me, pulling his mask. It was my day. It took over an hour to get me 5-10 ft. to shore. I was paralyzed mentally for almost an hour before I could take off wetsuit and get over attach. I haven’t been diving since but will again I love it to much. Not the way they did in the video. I think they are crazy. Have a great day. 🙂


  9. Fascinating short story, very arty, and totally intriguing! Love the music in it too, really creates a perfect atmosphere 🙂


  10. Peggy Farrell Schroeder says:

    Wow…. I finally had the chance to watch this. Toward the end, I finally realized how taught my muscles were. Riveting and intense.


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