OK. Right. I feel it. I smell it. When?


“Soon, I will feel that sweet, spring breeze, gently coaxing the flowers to give up their scents.”

Source: Julien Douvier via Madame Scherzo


  1. Very soon – a couple more polar vortex handshakes and then we’re on our way….I heard the song of one of our spring birds yesterday and welcomed him/her with such excitement (and scared him/her off I think).

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  2. Love the poem with the moving image. Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚


  3. nofrillswrapping says:

    What a welcome sight on this below zero morning!


  4. You’re an awful tease, you know.


  5. and i smell the snow swirling around me. but i can dream….


  6. not soon enough


  7. I know this: Not yet.


  8. I see life in that flower. Beautiful!


  9. I blame the weather on my new book. What a winter to publish The Snowball Effect.


  10. I watch the sun peek over the horizon a bit earlier each day and slip slowly from the sky a little later each night and I know that Spring is on the march….


  11. July 5th is right around the corner!!!

    Okay, I know, at least with the increase in daylight we can see the rain now. πŸ™‚


  12. -35 Celsius, not taking into account windchill, today. Loving the short commute that comes with a home office.


  13. You know I’m staying out of this…..:)


  14. Yes. Please. I’ll take some of that!


  15. soooon…..ooohhhh sooooo sooooooonnnn….


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