Ever think of that?

photography,black and white

Most of the pain you’re dealing with are really just thoughts.. ever think of that?

– Buddhist Bootcamp


Credits: Image – Journal of a Nobody.  Quote: Thank you Karen @ Karen’s Korner


  1. If you’re trying to convince yourself that your back is all better, it isn’t going to work. Do not push yourself. You’ve tried that already. Full stop. 😉


  2. As a mater of fact, yes I have. It doesn’t always help emotionally, but I acknowledge it intellectually. (Listen to Mimi)


  3. do not venture out yet, back into the arena that will bring on the pain once more, both in body and mind. take a break and really recover. both will tell you when you are ready.


  4. WMS. Love the image too.


  5. Yes! But I need to be reminded. Thanks for dong that so well, David.


  6. Piling on here, pal. Mimi speaks the truth…ignore her at your peril….


  7. yes, and that makes it no easier to get rid of it! 🙂


  8. Yes to all the above. The operative word in the quote is “most.”


  9. Yes, but that’s because thoughts matter too 🙂

    I have on and off neck pain/headaches from an old injury and am really feeling it the last few weeks. I decided to take a day off today for some serious rest!


  10. The operative word is “most”. Your back pain is most likely not in your head and I agree with the advice to let it heal properly.


  11. well depends if it is heartfelt pain or physical pain? Although physical pain can be heartfelt..


  12. WMS. So get on the ride of recovery David. 🙂


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    I think about that every day. — John


  14. Imaginary pain?


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    Interesting and true!


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