SMWI*: Moucherotte

Moucherotte – 2013 – L2A Production from kevin valliere on Vimeo.

Take a slow and easy walk up Moucherotte in the French Alps…wrapped in R&B, Al Green-like soul music by Darondo. “Didn’t I” can be found on iTunes here. (What a great song!)


  1. You’re right, great song. Liked the video as well.


  2. Totally into the music..


  3. oh, so nice


  4. Great cinematography and song …


  5. Music and beauty…yes. 🙂


  6. Great way to spend the day!


  7. Hello David ! I’m glad you enjoy my video, it was realy fun to make it and that’s true that i fall in love with that beautiful song when i discover it.
    You could find many more stuff from me on my Vimeo account (I posted my last video this evening).

    Anyway thanks for the share !
    regards from France.


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