Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: You up yet?


“The pictures were taken by veteran nature photographer Steven Kazlowski.  The images were taken in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, along the Arctic Coast of Alaska.  There are currently around 20,000 wild bears living in the Arctic Circle.  That number could be cut by two thirds by mid century if the Arctic continues to warm due to climate change.  In 2008, the US government declared polar bears an endangered species and banned all American hunters from returning from Canada with their trophies.  Norway is the only country that has banned all hunting for the species, with Russia, Alaska and Greenland allowing native communities to hunt the bears as a food source.”

DON’T MISS Kazlowski’s other incredible pictures of the polar bears here.

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  1. Beautiful so beautiful… Thank you dear David, love, nia


  2. what an amazing shot, and how would you like to see that face looking down at you as you open your eyes, first thing in the morning? i have a feeling it would inspire you to get up without hitting your snooze button.


  3. That photographer has nerves of steel…what amazing images! I’m not sure that I could ever close my eyes again after being that “up close and personal” with a polar bear…just sayin’


  4. I like it.


  5. How did he get that shot?? Amazing.


  6. I am now!


  7. Peggy Farrell Schroeder says:

    A remarkably talented photographer. Loved every photo! Thanks, Dave.


  8. Polar bears truly are an endangered species…and it’s so sad to me to think of the possible extinction of such a beautiful white creature.


  9. Beautiful. Heartbreaking…what is happening. Don’t know what to say or do.


  10. Really hoping it’s a very very long zoom lens on that camera! What an amazing shot! I am up now!!


  11. I adore polar bears and it breaks my heart that they may one day disappear.


  12. I love the one that says hide and seek. Soon there won’t be any bears to seek.


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