You think you have a memory; but it has you

portrait of a deep thinker

“Your memory is a monster;
you forget —
it doesn’t.
It simply files things away.
It keeps things for you,
or hides things from you —
and summons them to your recall
with will of its own.
You think you have a memory;
but it has you.”

~ John Irving

Image Source: Stephanie Carter. Quote: Pulpinsidefiction


  1. True isn’t it?!
    Happy Thursday, David! 🙂


  2. i forget this sometimes. thanks for reminding me.


  3. when you think about it–it is really true–sometimes awfully, sometimes delightfully


  4. History is part-fiction – based upon the perceptions of individual memory and shaded by perception. It’s scary to think of memory as a controlling monster holding us captive and determining what we can and can’t recall. And yet, I suppose there is truth this. May my memory be a benevolent ogre.


  5. So true, I’ve always thought of mt memory as a filing system. Some files are easier to retrieve than others and take a little longer to find. Others are simply misplaced or completely lost!


  6. So very true!


  7. I prefer to think of my memory as a ‘benevolent dictator,’ oftentimes rubbing away the rough edges so that I remember only the best parts of an experience, for instance how doggone cute Beau was as a puppy, rather than what a damned nightmare it was to housebreak him (ooooops, guess that edge is still a little {ahem} rougher than I realized…. 😉 But I digress….

    I do think memory is a ‘sticky wicket,’ and it can sneak up on you at the darndest times, but still…


  8. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    forget about the stupid picky details that are stuck in my brain forever. it’s the emotions that get tossed all over the place because of some sneaky tidbit of a memory


  9. Next to memories, reality is my favorite fantasy! Love this David 🙂


  10. Yeah, my memory is a monster sometimes too! 🙂


  11. Very true and especially with bad memories – sigh.


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