Good to be wrong

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It’s my third email of the day.
I’m reading.
A member on the team is getting accolades.
I flashback to a conversation with his manager three years ago.

He’s rough. Not sure he has it. Big Risk.
“There’s talent there. Trust me.”

I send him a note: “I’m proud we’re on the same team.”

Seconds later my email is flashing with his reply.

You made my day.”

I push my chair back.

And turn my back to my desk and stare out the window.

Good to be wrong.

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  1. It’s good to be wrong – and better to realize it.


  2. WMS.


  3. I like wrongs like that!


  4. WMS….and EVEN better to take a moment and dispense an ‘atta boy.’ Nice touch, pal…..


  5. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    Being given a chance to succeed is a precious gift we can offer someone. That’s good news.


  6. And…good to be you…someone who can sit back and reflect, and know that sometimes, it’s just “good to be wrong.” It’s all heart and soul stuff, and we are blessed to have your words and your lessons my friend.


  7. Reflecting on being wrong is even better!


  8. indeed it is.


  9. love your honesty…


  10. Nice post, David. 🙂


  11. Its good to be wrong and better to be able to own up to it. Good for you, David!


  12. This sounds quite familiar 🙂


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