Note from a Follower. And a Friend.


Most of you reading this post are WordPress followers. I’m sure that you, like me, often wonder who the human being is behind the curtain for certain members of your comment “community.” Sonia is one of those followers for me. Except she’s not a WordPress follower, but an email subscriber. I continue to shake my head in wonder at the wonderful network that is established in blogging. I reached out to Sonia following a comment interchange and I asked her to share a bit with me about her.

In April, 2012, ~ six months after this blog was launched, Sonia signed up to receive email posts. Sonia, 25, is a Muslim. She is from Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan and the third largest city in the world. (Pop: 23 million.) Sonia is pursuing an MBA in Human Resources and is two courses and a thesis away from graduation. She also works as a Corporate Coordinator at a major multinational Health Insurance Company.

I asked Sonia how she found my blog.  She said that she “was searching the internet for articles and ended up in the world of Blogs. Now among the millions of bloggers, why did I subscribe to your Blog? A million dollar question! I used to have (write) conversations with life (in a childish diary that I have) and I was surprised to find you having a conversation with your Mind in one of your posts. I was awestruck because in last 5 years of my conversations, I never came across a person who did that. So I subscribed to follow your blog.

(Note to self: Someone halfway across the world types “Bloggers Talking To Themselves” into the Google Search box and on Page 1 of the Google Search landing page they find me.  Oh Boy.)

Sonia describes herself “as an introvert and an obsessed thinker.  I’m not a Facebook freak like my friends. I check my emails daily. I love cars & car racing (Audi R8 is my favorite), action/inspirational movies, reading books/articles/quotes, shoes and clothes. I believe in learning and growing.

I asked Sonia to send me a guest post.  The next day, she had sent me three full typewritten pages. Here’s an excerpt:

In my thoughts:

I took a deep breath.
Without wasting a single moment
jumped off into the ocean.
Ocean, snow capped mountains, limpid water,
one of the most beautiful places on the planet.
I wished to be in that moment forever
And the words of Jax Teller
were swimming in the ocean of my mind:

“And maybe that’s the lesson for me today,
to hold on to these simple moments,
to appreciate them a little more.”

I am never present, in present moment,
If I am in a crowd, I am never there,
If I am with friends, I wouldn’t be with them,
If I am with my love, I might not be there either,
If I am with my family, you wouldn’t find me there,
I am detached, I am present,
Yet absent in the present moment,
But if I am with you,
I surrender,
Completely, honestly and with all my heart,
My heart, my mind, my soul
and my existence over to you…
I would love to re-live life
with all its victories and triumphs,
smiles and tears,
headaches & heartaches
because life indeed is an experience.
A few moments of consciousness
froze me inside out and I was ALIVE.

~ Sonia

Sonia is over 7200 miles away.  Many time zones ahead.  She lives in a world with vast cultural differences from our own.  Yet, this thoughtful, intelligent, 25-year old lady is not so different from you and me.

Sonia, what incredible talent you have.  Thank you for sharing your inspiring poem and message.  Good Sunday morning to you.

Image Source: Flyinace2000, via Creative Commons


  1. Tell Sonia she has done what most of us are so afraid of doing (including myself)… that is, surrendering to our thoughts, quietly thinking about who we really are and what we truly desire and accepting those thoughts. Her written words are a true description of what I feel at times but have never really accepted. This might be the case for others as well… Thanks for posting.


  2. This is a wow!


  3. I can understand how you two found each other across thousands of miles and in the most serendipitous of spaces. She is as remarkable in her candor as you are, lovely and wise in her youth with insight that is beyond her years. What a lovely testament to her and to your friendship. I can understand why she is such a special follower and friend.


  4. Sonia sounds like a smart young woman, and as for us introverts, hasn’t the Internet been a boon? Thanks, David, for sharing a glimpse of your friendship with us.


  5. Isn’t this really the best thing about the community? People breaking down barriers and borders to connect around ideas? What a great reminder of the incredible gift this community is…


  6. It’s the connections that bring us back for more – thank you for sharing Sonia with us, I hope she reads our comments of support at her very honest and well written post.



  7. Sonia and you…are one of life’s gifts to each other. It is no surprise to me either that the two of you became connected. Your words reach out and touch so many, David, in such an extraordinary way…and Sonia was at the receiving end…a beautiful soul, capable of recognizing a kindred spirit, no matter the distance and circumstances. Thank you for sharing Sonia’s words. She is obviously an amazing young woman.


  8. She made me reflect on a Sunday morning. Not an easy thing to do.


  9. This is such a nice gesture. My regards to you, Sonia. 🙂


  10. The world of blogging is amazing. I replied to a comment on my blog and now have a friend in Nigeria. My writing partner now has a friend in Mauritius. So cool.


  11. Thank you for sharing Sonia’s thoughts.


  12. Such profound thoughts and expression…makes Sonia who she is “obsessed thinker”..Wonderful beyond words..I will be reblogging this.


  13. one world.


  14. What a great connection, these connections surely are the true gifts of blogging that almost no one who goes into doing it realises are there waiting for them in abundance, that ability to cross frontiers, boundaries and borders to engage with like minded souls who are indeed in every country in the world, regardless of the many things that might also make us different.

    Bonne continuation Sonia and David and everyone on here. 🙂


  15. I was in awe & wonder… It felt so good to see a post about yourself from someone you haven’t ever met & probably I might never get the chance to meet you David but despite that have such a wonderful relationship. And, thank you everyone for the love & kind words. The first thought that came in my mind was that I have got something to share with my grand children 🙂 Thank you David.


  16. I “discovered” Lead Live Learn after reading a Michael Brown post (I don’t remember exactly how I found Michael). I often wonder about the people who regularly comment on this blog, who they are, what they do when not blogging, etc. I have grown to love reading these posts and the comments and love this community’s thank you, David! Sonia, your words are thought provoking and beautiful, thank you for sharing. I learn every day that we are one.


  17. Sonia’s writing is so compelling. Thanks so much for sharing, David. 🙂


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