SMWI*: Get Moving. Period.


It’s Saturday Morning.  Time for the weekend warriors to get inspired to Exercise.  Here’s four of my favorite recent articles on the subject:

A Question That Can Change Your Life: “For years I’ve exercised every day — doing weights, cardio, yoga — but despite my continuous effort, I haven’t seen much change. Until a few months ago. Recently, my body has changed. My muscles are stronger, more defined, and I’ve lost five pounds along with a visible layer of fat. Let’s start with what I didn’t do: Spend more time exercising. In fact, I’ve spent less. So what did I do differently?…

25 More Rules of Conquering the Gym“…Gyms are tricky relationships. You fall in and out of love. Commitment fades. Maybe you have a torrid affair with ice cream sandwiches. All you know is that you used to go to that gym five times a week, and suddenly it becomes two, and then two becomes one, and one becomes none, and none becomes a brand new size of jeans…#3: No, you’re not getting a six-pack. You’re just trying to take off your shirt at the beach without people running to their cars…#6. Here’s a helpful rule on gym clothing. If you’re not sure your shirt smells? Your shirt smells…#22: The best gym on earth is outside, and it’s totally free.”  Read more here. And if you’ve missed the first installment (even funnier), read it here.

More Evidence It’s Not Just Restaurants Where Portions Have Grown: “Obesity has been associated with the expanding portion sizes of away-from-home foods. Yet, researchers analyzing the calorie count for recipes in The Joy of Cooking recipe books since 1936 have found that the mean portion size in calories from a composed homemade meal increased by 77%. The mean portion size in calories from meat increased by 27%, starchy products increased by 148%, vegetables increased by 37% and sauce increased by 47% throughout the years.

Hard Math: Adding Up Just How Little We Actually Move: “…Government surveys indicate that people’s sedentary time outside of work has increased by about 40% between 1965 and 2009…An increasingly popular way people are trying to coax more exercise into their lives is by…”

*SMWI = Saturday Morning Workout Inspiration.  Image Credit


  1. “…torrid affair with ice cream sandwiches…” – yes!


  2. Hmmm, wonder how much blogging, reading and writing them, interferes with exercise!


  3. elise mazzetti says:

    Kanigan, the Bregman article was awesome…..and that video. The smile on that kid’s face playing the piano….he played with such joy… inspired me today. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Going running now.



  4. “Always end every gym class by shouting “I win! I win! I win!” at the top of your lungs, grabbing your stuff, and running out the door, laughing maniacally.” This cracked me up. I’ll read the rest of those articles later today. They’re good! Thanks David…have a good weekend!


  5. Ah, gawd. I need to get moving. But to your other point, in his book, “The 4-Hour Work Week”, Tim Ferriss talks about the Pareto Principal: 20% of your efforts lead to 80% of the outcome. The trick is to avoid wasting time on that 80% of your efforts that don’t accomplish anything. I think. Anyway, what you said.


  6. Love you choices of articles and thanks for introducing me to Bergman- am following now!


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