4:01 am. And Inspired.

mayne island - Terrill Welch

Good Wednesday morning. Here we go with my selections of the inspiring posts of the week…

  1. Up top, you see a photograph by Terrill Welch, photographer and painter extraordinaire from Mayne Island, British Columbia.  Check out her featured photographs here and her featured oil paintings here.
  2. Yoni Freedhoff @ Weighty Matters with a share that he describes as one of the most gripping, harrowing and tragic articles I’ve ever read.  < 500 words. I read it a week ago.  And still can’t shake it.  Read the article titled Fatal Distraction.
  3. Sandy @ Another Lovely Day with her post: report from my in-box: 6•27•13.  Our good friend Sandy had accumulated 20,000 emails in her inbox and has decided to finally deal with it.  My neuroses would have exploded.  She, on the other hand, is unfazed.  I am inspired.  Read on at this link.
  4. Nitpicker’s Nook with the post titled: 14 Word Usage Mistakes.  How many do I use?  Let’s just say too many.
  5. Make Believe Boutique (who stops me in my tracks with her posts time and time again) with her post titled: the sublimity of the heart cracking open: …Perhaps the noblest private act is the unheralded effort to return: to open our hearts once they’ve closed, to open our souls once they’ve shied away, to soften our minds once they’ve been hardened by the storms of our day. Always, on the inside of our hardness and shyness and numbness is the face of compassion through which we can reclaim our humanity…
  6. Vicki Flaherty @ This Abundantly Delicious Life with her gentle, full-of-gratitude morning posts including this one: A Good Formula:  It’s usually on days like these that my ‘soft spot’ shows up like an old friend whose been away for awhile…This woman has figured it out.  Read more at this link.

Have a good day.

 child swinging

Image Credit: Child Swinging


  1. Your selections always delight, and your amazing capacity to explore so much talent simply awes. Happy Hump Day pal..


  2. Good.


  3. I haven’t read your selections, yet. The photo of the kid on the swing has me swinging into my Hump Day (also a Friday of sorts, starting a long weekend). Happy Wednesday, David!


  4. David, what a treat to see that I am inspiring you – you do the same for me so often. This blogging friendship is good for the soul. It’s also fabulous the way that friendships and ideas and life expands and grows as we connect to wider and wider circles…Thanks for sharing my blog and post. Have a great lazy day! 🙂


  5. Happy Hump Day!


  6. Fatal Distraction … heartbreaking.


  7. Now I am wishing I had not read Fatal Distraction. Fifteen to twenty times a year is a lot of tragedy and too much terrible to live with. Surely with all the warning systems we have – one can be set to alarm this circumstance. But this is not my reason for commenting David. Thank you for your mention and sharing my photograph of the sea. I am so enjoying slipping by your posts every now and again. You seem to find some real gems to share. All the best. Terrill 🙂


  8. Thank you Vicki!



  1. […] over at Lead.Learn.Live. for including me in this week’s “Inspired” series: 4:01am and Inspired. I look forward to his early morning inspiration posts because, well, they inspire me!    I find […]


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