Frederick Gray 97-year old gets diploma

“It took nearly eight decades, but Frederick Gray is finally a high school graduate. The Watertown Daily Times reports that the 97-year-old World War II veteran was presented Monday with a diploma from Watertown High School during a ceremony at his northern New York home. Gray was set to graduate in 1934 but dropped out a year early to get a job to help support his family during the Great Depression. Gray worked in a factory before being drafted into the Army in 1942. He served in the 24th Infantry Division in the Pacific campaign, earning a Bronze Star. After the war, he returned to his job and retired as head of the company’s billing department. Gray says he never expected to get a diploma and is ‘dumbfounded by the thoughtfulness.'”

Source: via Susan.  Thank you.


  1. This was on the news – and a better ‘feel good’ story there couldn’t be.


  2. Love this. You’re never too old to stop learning….


  3. Inspired. Umm so am not too old for anything.


  4. Very determined… this story.


  5. It is the least we could do for his service and as a member of “The Greatest Generation”


  6. Love hearing stories like this that bring warmth to our hearts:)


  7. A WONDERFUL story! ConGRADulations to Mr. Gray!
    And thank you for your service to our country.
    God Bless 🙂


  8. Yes Moved.


  9. Lkanigan says:

    Well deserved for the sacrifices he made for family and country.


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