Is it any wonder…

…that this company prints money.


  1. Wow. That’s about it. Wow


  2. Oh, I really, really like this…I am a big believer in focus, intention, and enhancing life. Thanks for sharing!


  3. A great message to follow. I hope I am.



  4. Another Wow. That is such good marketing. From what I heard at the conference this week they really do believe this too. Joy. Focus. Feel. Three words in this great ad. And yes a fourth word – connection. It gets to the core of what we want as people. Damn, I think we forget sometimes.
    – Michael


  5. Total Wow. I watched it and when my 9yr old son asked me what I was so impressed by {WOL} I asked him to watch it with me a second time. When it was done, his face broke into a big smile and he simply, said, ‘that’s really good!’ You are right. No wonder.


    • 🙂 It is a total wow. And if our kids love it (Mine did too) – cross generational appeal means they have captured hearts and minds of all of us (and they largely have)!


  6. This is what I call excellent advertisement!


  7. kojjosimonpeter says:

    Reblogged this on kojjop.


  8. Late to the comment section – but an additional delighted ‘yes’ from me. You just know that the serotonin in the brain started firing in rhythm on this one.


  9. Connection… sure connected with mr. Excellent.


  10. Peggy Farrell Schroeder says:

    Loved the video. Apple is the best example of a customer focused business that adheres to a “quality not quantity” approach.


  11. I loved the sounds.


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