Sunday Morning: Canada

Two men.  Hitchhiking from Vancouver to Yukon. They traveled over 4,000 miles to the land of icebergs and grizzly bears.  This clip reminded me of quote in a post by

Infinite nature, which is boundless Spirit, unutterable, not intelligible, outside of all imagination, beyond all essence, unnameable, known only to the heart.

~ Robert Fludd

CANADA from FRAME3 on Vimeo.


  1. As fascinating as cities are, they can’t compare to what nature has built. Beautiful video…nice way to start a Sunday…


  2. What a wonderful odyssey. a trip of a lifetime


  3. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Nothing – but NOTHING – invigorates the body and wakes up all the senses like a plunge in those mountain lakes. One feels so ALIVE just imagining it 🙂


  4. Really nice. Thx!


  5. lkanigan says:

    Blind faith in nature & humanity.


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