What the h*ll was that?

Steve Layman posted this cartoon last week. It activated an immediate reaction.  I laughed.  Then said: “TRUE.”  Then said “THAT’S ME.”  Then psychoanalysis rolled in like a thick soupy fog in the Bay Area.  And hangs low and hovers on the “why.”  And went on lingering on the 11-hour ride to pick-up Eric from college.  Didn’t we just take this emotional empty nester ride a few months back?  Time.  Whoosh.

Robert Weber

Eric and I are driving to a self-storage facility to pack away his stuff for the summer.  “Let me have the keys Dad.  I’ll drive.”

I noted an acquired sense of calm that’s arrived with #1 Son.  The disquiet has vanished.  He’s found friends.  Good friends.  He’s also worked to land a Royal Flush with his grades.  (Where does this come from? Warmth gushes in my chest and I’m overcome.  I turn my head and look out the window.)

He turns the radio on.  WKRR Classic Rock from Asheboro pops up.  Bachman – Turner Overdrive with “Let It Ride.”

He opens the windows.  He opens the sunroof.  Chilling winds fill the cabin and bite.  I shiver.  I look over at him.  He turns up the volume.  Smiles…as if to say: “Let it Ride, Dad.  Let it ride.

Suddenly I don’t care if I ever solve this enigma; I’m alive, to hell with it.

~ Stephen Nachmanovitch

Cartoon:  Robert Weber via Anderson Layman.  Nachmanovitch quote from “Free Play” via journalofanobody


  1. Even though we know the route, there’s something awesome about turning over the keys. Let it ride my friend, he’s your boy.


  2. This makes me smile…. Full. Stop.


  3. A few tears with that one…because I’m right there, David…same thing happening in my life. I love that your words can create those heart moments so that we can all feel them with you.


  4. Is he staying a Demon Deacon?


  5. You’re so lucky to have good kids!


  6. lkanigan says:

    Must have been a great experience.


  7. You really don’t know what a gift you are to your children, David. The love and thoughtfulness create a firm foundation for them. No wonder they’re such lovely people.

    And it’s reassuring to see these bands from my teenage years so vital, powerful and bad-ass! The ones who survive the addictions and extremes of that life use it all in their music. Kindred spirits.


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