4:58 am. And Inspired.

Narvik, Norway, Arctic Circle, snowboarding, extreme sports, jump, sunset, sunrise, mountains

Good Wednesday morning.  Here’s my selection of inspiring posts of the week.

  1. Thank you olavstubburd for the photo which was shot in Narvik, in Northern Norway, inside the Arctic Circle.
  2. Colleen @ The Chatter Blog with her post When You’re Not Good Enough: “What do you tell yourself when you start facing the realization you are not good enough for something?  Not that you can’t do something.  But that you can’t do something well enough to excel, continue and progress. What Do You Do?…Without a doubt I am not good enough to test for master level…Can I accept that I cannot move ahead, test, progress…Can I do that? Is accepting that I have done “enough” a manner of growing?…
  3. Kurt @ Cultural Offering with his post A Life Well Lived. In Praise of RamseyEveryone has stories of the best dog in the world and we have ours – the story of Ramsey…Ramsey grew up with our children.  He played with them, watched after them, slept on and at their beds.  He was an incredibly good natured dog, friendly to most everyone…He never wandered or got in much trouble; instead he was content accompany anyone who might be going on a walk, playing or working in the yard.  His idea of excitement was running laps as fast as he could around the yard in a frenzied fit of joy.  He was that kind of dog…” Heartwarming story.  Read more
  4. Ray @ A Simple, Village Undertaker with his post: Coming Attractions. “I received an e-mail from one of the members of my “Boy’s Club”. In his note note, he shared he was feeling a little down…maybe a lot down. It seems that in the last two months, he has experienced the pain brought about by the deaths of eight people in his life. Yup, that will do it; no doubt about it. My response was…”
  5. Judy @ Connecting Dots with her post A Gentle Parable About Plan B. where Judy shares 5 helpful hints in life’s Plan B moments:  1)  My desires and dreams will not magically come to me; I have to go get them (if possible)…
  6. Ashiakira with his Haiku post: Light of Spring Today:

Light of spring today
Soon to be of temperature
Then cherry blossoms 

And the Hump Day Inspiring Image of the Week comes to us from ThingsSheLoves:

cute, cat, kitten, sleeping

Have a great Hump Day.


  1. Perfect Wednesday morning as I’ve come to expect…got my coffee, now have my reading – and got an early a.m. ‘aw’ for the sleeping kitten…


  2. Kjackson00 says:

    That kitten is awesomely cute!


  3. Alex Jones says:

    Awesome kitty photo.


  4. Thank you, as always for the mention. It is a special honor to share billing with Kurt Harden who volunteered and continues to be one of my blogging mentors and friends.


  5. May Ramsey rest in peace….wonderful tribute.
    Great post from Ray. My parents are attending far to many friend’s funerals. Don’t know if its harder on them or me?
    All good this morning. Especially Sleeping Kitty.


  6. Thank you for recommending my post David! Blessings for today!


  7. That is quite the image of the snowboarder…


  8. Ohhhh–the kitten photo! Melt!


  9. What’s not to like about a kitten?


  10. Thanks for the smile


  11. What an adorable picture!! I’m still smiling!!


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