We Say Everything Comes Back

waves, dark, blue, shoreline, beach, rock

“We say you cannot divert the river from the river bed. We say that everything is moving, and we are a part of this motion. That the soil is moving. That the water is moving. We say that the earth draws water to her from the clouds. We say the rainfall parts on each side of the mountain, like the parting of our hair, and that the shape of the mountain tells where the water has passed. We say this water washes the soil from the hillsides, that the rivers carry sediment, that rain when it splashes carries small particles, that the soil itself flows with water in streams underground. We say that water is taken up into roots of plants, into stems, that it washes down hills into rivers, that these rivers flow to the sea, that from the sea, in the sunlight, this water rises to the sky, that this water is carried in clouds, and comes back as rain, comes back as fog, back as dew, as wetness in the air.

We say everything comes back.”

Susan Griffin

Source: moody blues by Andy Kennelly on Flickr via Sundaug.

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  1. The comfort and beauty of a circle..


  2. I like this……


  3. An eloquent illustration of interdependence…


  4. Beautiful pic and thoughts. Have a great Sunday, David. 🙂


  5. As we hold this perspective that everything comes back, is there a nostalgia of the past here?

    Loved the lines.



  6. i love this ! life is movement, we are the movement everything is born and dies all the time !


  7. Makere Stewart-Harawira says:

    So utterly beautiful. Yes it does, everything comes back. Love Susan Griffen. Thank you David, re-blogging.


  8. Alex Jones says:

    Everything flows, everything recycles.


  9. Beautiful…thanks David.


  10. petit4chocolatier says:

    This is beautiful! Definitely full circle!


  11. I guess it’s still true of the water cycle, but it isn’t working with the balance of nature. Some animals are extinct and more are joining the list. They’ll never come back. The scary thing is that it’s no longer the fate of only the dodo bird.


  12. I didn’t mean to sound negative but the post said “EVERYTHING comes back.” Not everything.


  13. So true.


  14. Yes, it does. Loved it.


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