5:28 am. And inspired.

David Tribby - Chicago Panoramic Skyline & Sunset

Thank you David Tribby for the inspiring panoramic shot of the City of Chicago. And, now, on to the inspiring posts of the week:

James Altucher, pro blogger, @ The Altucher Confidential with his post on his morning ritual titled The Six People You Must Find TodayOnce you do this, oxytocin will explode through your body, lighting up all of your pleasure centers. (1) Someone to love. Write the name and why you love this person. (2) Someone to thank. You must call them and thank them. If you can’t call them, just write their name down. (3) Someone to be grateful for…Read entire post at this link.

Judy @ petit4chocolatier with her post: Chocolate Cupcakes with Soft Blue Butter-Cream Icing with Little Chocolate Sprinkles.  She had me at her post title.  And then she stole my stomach with wave upon wave of delectable cupcake photos.  I wanted to come through the screen to get at these.  Pan through Judy’s other posts.  Amazing.

Thomas Ross @ Only Here Only Now with his post The Stone: …And as I lift my head, I see the trees, the sky, the light and shadows, the tumbling brown leaves.  Beauty, perfection, peace. Beneath our feet, just outside our door, in the woods, the mountains, or the city street- each precious vista, each precious moment.  Waiting for us. The beauty of this sacred world.  Read the entire beautiful post at this link.

Ian Lawton @ Soulseeds with his post Waking Up to Wonder: “How long does it take you to wake up in the morning? I’m not talking about opening your eyes. I’m talking about opening your mind and letting it be blown by the wonder of being alive. Often, we are still asleep when we get out of bed. We leave the house and amble through the day in a sleepy haze. How amazing would it be to get out of bed fully awake with jaw dropped and eyes eager, and live with the vivid clarity of a clear blue sky?..”  A wonderful post.  Read more at this link.

Finally, we’re going to close with a heartwarming story about sportsmanship and humanity.  It exists!

faith in humanity

Have a great Hump Day…


  1. petit4chocolatier says:

    Thank you very much! This was so very kind of you. You made my day!! I cannot wait to view these other wonderful people and their blogs 🙂

    Lovely story on Abel and Fernandez. Truly inspiring!


  2. So much good stuff here…..thank you.


  3. Love this, yes-everyday we must actively search for beauty and: 1. we WILL find it nearly smothering us, and: 2. we WILL live different because of it. Thank you again.


  4. Alex Jones says:

    Good sportsmanship form the Basque. Does his ancient people proud.


  5. I checked all of the above posts and I must say they were worth reading.


  6. Hey, how are you? I jjust wanted to ask if you knew where Judy from Petit4Chocolatier is hiding? I was sad to notice her blog was closed down. Do you know anything?? thanks


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