We are what we do every day. Nothing more.

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“The snowflake moment we idolize, that final and glorious crystalline state which Bentley captured on black velvet time and time again, does provide justification for everything else. It is the end, and so must mean something, must make a bold statement about the substance and quality of our existence. But the snowflake moment is just one of a countless million moments, an isolated still shot of an existence that is predominantly defined by its very motion. We are what we do every day. Nothing more.

~ Scott Schwertly, The Snowflake Moment

Image Credit: Thank you headlikeanorange


  1. Nothing more and yet, it is everything. Happy Monday David..


  2. This is truly inspirationl quote! We are what we do everydy. So, so true! 🙂 Will save this one.


  3. Beautiful, mesmerizing!


  4. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Had to come back to this one a few times.
    It’s not just doing – it’s being. But being is doing – it’s where the mind and soul are going. Inspirational and calming, somehow.


  5. Not Perfect Me says:

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  6. It keeps on snowing but the snow isn’t getting deeper.


  7. Sure miss those snowy days. What we do…and what we we think!


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  9. I adore watching snow fall…you are such a keeper!


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