Monday Morning Wake-Up Call: Now!

yellow, ducks, duck, bright yellow

Source: BeverleyShiller


  1. cute!


  2. Aren’t they though!


  3. The little guy on the left looks a bit cross that we didn’t get up quickly enough and his buddy on the right looks concerned about whether or not we woke up happy. I’m thinkin’ that I have a potential friendship with the cutie on the right.


  4. I used to have a schoolteacher who very much resembled the bird on the right.


  5. So cute – and curious.


  6. One on left is a verteran going… “Not again!” and the one on the right is a rookie going…”What is this?”


  7. ¡Maravillosa toma!, el segundo te mira fijamente!!


  8. Would set a foundation for a good start of the day seeing these little creatures on waking up.


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