4:02 am. And, Inspired…

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Good Wednesday morning.  And Happy Halloween.

Here’s a selection of inspiring posts of the week from my favorite bloggers:

Shawn Smucker with his post:  “One Sign of a Life Well Lived:  “Ours is a culture obsessed with sanitizing life, and not just in the physical or chemical sense. We want everything to line up with some unattainable standard, devoid of messiness or intrusion. Funeral services are to remain silent. Learning should be on point. Churches present their Statements of Faith as things which should not even be discussed. Children are expected to behave like robots. Can we become brave enough to leave room for some mess? Can we care less about modern sensitivities and more about meaning? Can we come to appreciate life in all of its unsanitized beauty?…Life = Mess.”  I encourage you to read the entire post.

Tanushree Srivastava @ Charity Spring with her post: “Silence.”  “Silence is underrated in today’s world. There is too much noise. Too many words and too much to say…Why do we have to fill in all the voids with words which are not needed?…Silence is often mistaken as symbol of weakness of a person, which is Wrong. I love silence and stillness…There is no greater power than silence which gives you the authority to steer anything in your favor…I personally spoke a lot and was a girl of too many words. But then realization struck me that I am losing on so much by creating my own noise and being always busy with thinking what I had to speak next. Always in a rush. I am sure many will relate to it. So change it like me. Life is amazing when you enjoy it with a calm and silent heart that is not rushing towards the next thought.”

Pat Cegan @ Source of Inspiration with her Post: The Hurrier I GoThe hurrier I go, the behinder I get.” Saunter, mosey, amble through life as if nothing you can do is as important as what you are doing right now.”

Do check out Hovercraftdoggy.  Their blog tag line is:  “Art, Architecture, Design and Photography Blog – to inspire and brighten up your every day.”  Take a stroll through their blog.  They accomplish their mission.  Inspiring… I’ve shared one of their posted photographs below.

Have a great Hump Day…

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  1. Happy Halloween!


  2. We all learned a lot from Walt Disney cartoons. Happy Halloween. Even here in the Pyrenees we are celebrating and carving pumpkins. Hope Sandy doesn’t drowned out your festivities.


  3. Skeletor is rocking…got me moving! Smucker post reminded me of our culture and how things were done similar. Definitely think silence is misunderstood in many people.


  4. As always your Wednesday inspirations impress and delight..Skeleton cartoon included. Happy Boo Day!


  5. Ya knocked another one out of the park, David! May your pumpkin overflow with chocolate! 🙂


  6. Hey David!
    Feels good to know that somebody is actually reading what I am writing. Thanks for posting my article on your blog.
    Have a great day ahead! 🙂


  7. And Happy Halloween to you! Great posts.


  8. That skeleton sure can dance. 🙂 Happy Halloween to you too.


  9. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Nothing messes up silence so badly as ubiquitous background music. Let there be silence OR music – deliberate choices and active listening.
    OMG – I’m starting the day in a didactic mood – must be the fog and snow. AGAIN.


    • Laughing. Had to look up Didactic. Didactic: def – 1. intended to convey instruction and information as well as pleasure and entertainment . 2. : making moral observations. Yep, you are certainly doing that. You get a LIKE for your comment and are in the running for the Comment of the Day award.


  10. Yeeeee haaaaaawwww! He’s got rhythm! That’s one way to keep warm.


  11. Thanks for the mention, David. Much appreciated.


  12. Alex Jones says:

    No bones about it, great links.


  13. This dance will sure inspire everyone.


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