The Definitive Guide For Trading Halloween Candy

The memories this brings back…


  1. richardkanigan says:

    Very funny indeed!


  2. I thought so too…


  3. Cynical but so on the mark! 😉


  4. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    That’s HYSTERICAL! Thanks for the laugh 🙂


  5. Yes memories of candy on the floor in piles. Waiting for boys to come home to do the same…while I hand out the candy I don’t like to trick or treaters!! LoL.


  6. Alex Jones says:

    Made my morning 🙂


  7. Wow did he nail it!! And some of may favorite candy too!!


  8. That is hilarious! I always raided my kids buckets when they got home. They didn’t have a say because I bought their costumes!


  9. So on the mark. My mother would wait until my two older brothers and I would sort out our candy, select her favorites from each child, test it, and THEN let the trading begin. She had to make sure it was all “safe” to eat.


  10. Great video. Started my day off with a good laugh.


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