Hurricane Sandy In 50 Photos

50 photos of Hurricane Sandy

See 50 more photos at

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  1. My parents live in Basking Ridge, NJ. Last I spoke to them was 9pm last night…they were watching TV and waiting for the power to go out. Luckily, they have a hard wired generator. This morning, I cannot get through to them. Hopefully, it will not be long.


    • Yes, NJ was hit hard (again). We have held off buying a generator (how likely is it to have a hurricane/major storm hit 3 years running – giving that we suffered through only 1 major hurricane in 10 years in Miami?). Well, I was wrong again. And he we sit in the dark but for the generosity of terrific neighbors who allow us to plug in.


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  4. Wow! If anyone doubted the power of nature….


  5. Defines the word ‘impressive’


  6. Hoping everyone’s all right! 🙂


  7. These are amazing photos of such unbelievable destruction.


  8. Wow, amazing…. Glad I’m here in sunny California 🙂

    Stay safe everyone!


  9. Alex Jones says:

    I bet that many of those photo landmarks have not been so empty in decades.


  10. Hard to fathom when you don’t live in those weather hit areas and you wake up to blue skies & 85 degrees everyday! My prayers go to all that are part of this.


  11. The power of Mother Nature is AWESOME!!


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