Anne Sila, 26, is a French singer and cellist. She came to prominence in 2015 in season 4 of the talent show: The Voice, the most beautiful voice.

Inspired by a share by Memory’s Landscape:

“A photograph is a fragment–a glimpse. We accumulate glimpses, fragments. All of us mentally stock hundreds of photographic images, subject to instant recall. All photographs aspire to the condition of being memorable–that is, unforgettable.”

~ Susan Sontag, from “Photography: A Little Summa,” At the Same Time: Essays & Speeches

Breakfast? No. Beauty.

art, black and white, eggs

How to Wrap Five More Eggs by Hideyuki Oka with photographs by Michikazu Sakai. Source: Yama-bato

Sunday Morning: Home

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My Brother Lorne sent me a link to Douglas Noblet’s Wild Air Photography site.  We grew up in the Kootenays in Southeastern, British Columbia, Canada.  Douglas’ pictures left me in wonder.  As a child growing up, you don’t fully appreciate what is out your back door.  Doug’s awesome photographs make my heart swell with pride and leave me inspired.  About earth.  About nature.  About home.  Good Sunday morning. [Read more…]

6:12 a.m. Now. Winter Solstice Commences.

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Click For Audio (“Snowstorm 1814” by Shady Bard From the Album “First The Winter)

Sources: Date/time start of winter. The Farmers Almanac.  Sources & Credits for these photo shares (and many other winter photos) can be accessed with a Tumblr account @ dkwinter.  Yes, that is our Zeke – in the third photo – his first winter – with snow on his nose.


illustration, sketch, black and white, simple figure, woman figure

It’s Monday, October 29th.  The day that Hurricane Sandy hit the Tri-State Region.

I’m scrolling down the new WordPress posts for bloggers I follow.  My fingers sliding clumsily on the touch pad. Scrolling. Scrolling. (Cursing because I haven’t figured out this d*mn touch pad. I miss the eraser thing in the middle of keyboard.  Getting old.  Hating change.  Big clumsy fingers. I slide fingers in wrong direction and I’m taken to another website.  I lose my place.  Need to start back at the top.  Grrrrrrr. Can this be so difficult pal? )

My eyes flitting from post to post.  Scanning images and topics of interest.

My eyes land on the image on the left.  I freeze.  (What is it about this image?  I can feel its soothing effects.  The ‘Work’ clutch now slipping from OVERDRIVE to neutral.)

A few lines.  Black lines.  White background.  A simple image. A simple, beautiful human image.  (Let’s not get too carried away.  It’s certainly not that simple.  And nothing I could ever draw.)

I found it to be startling.

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Hurricane Sandy: After Landfall – More Shock and Awe


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Hurricane Sandy In 50 Photos

50 photos of Hurricane Sandy

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And, here comes Sandy…

And hopefully not like the ominous photos above from the Superstorm in NYC in July, 2012.  Source:

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Leonor Perez

Leonor Perez - sketch - art - illustration - illustrator - artist

Source: Leonor Perez is an artist/illustrator from Santiago, Chile.

Chicago, Chicago. My kind of town.

Downtown Chicago - Michigan Avenue

We lived in Chicago for five years.  I had the pleasure of returning this week.  Spectacular weather brought back sweet memories of this wonderful city…

  • City of Big Shoulders. Chi-Town. Sears Tower. John Hancock.  City that works.
  • Deep Dish Pizza. Chicago Style Hot Dogs. Cheezborger-Cheezborger-Cheezborger. No Pepsi…Coke. (SNL-Billy Goat Tavern)
  • The Loop. ‘L’ Train. Eden’s Expressway.
  • The Bears. The Bulls. The Hawks. Ditka. Jordan. Chelios.
  • Michigan Avenue. State Street. Water Tower Plaza. Marshall Fields.
  • Chicago Art Institute. Field Museum of Natural History (Giant Dinosaurs). Shed Aquarium.
  • Windy City. Lake Michigan. Chicago River bleeding green on St. Patty’s Day.
  • Gold Coast. Northshore. Wilmette. Northwestern.
  • Evanston Hospital. Eric’s birthplace.

Chicago at Night

Image Sources: (1) the-hipster-universe via orionfalls (2) marcdesa via pacificdebris

Darren brings me home…

Darren Stone

Darren Stone is a full-time news photographer for the Victoria Times Colonist.  He has earned commendations for excellence in photojournalism.  Check out his excellent work at this link.  I’ve never met Darren, but he’s brought me home with her shots.  Oh, my Beautiful British Columbia.

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