4:56 am. And, Inspired…

Good Wednesday morning.

Here’s a selection of inspiring posts of the week from my favorite bloggers:

Cristian Mihai, with over 19,000 blog followers, with his post:  “The 7 Golden Rules of Blogging: I was quite sure that I would never become a successful blogger. I created some blogs on various platforms, but I never had the patience to build an audience. The thing is that I never asked myself whether I had something worth writing about on an almost daily basis. I think this is something a lot of bloggers struggle with. What’s worth sharing? What’s considered useful information?…

Dr. James Stratford @ Beyond the Call with his post: “How do you judge your self worth?”  “I formed the opinion that everyone and everything is in a constant yet constantly changing form of perfection, that we can only ever be what we are in this moment, however ignorant or foolish or amazing that might be, based on the fact that we have lived our particular experience with our particular perspective that has been influences in unique ways since the moment we were born and probably long before. It’s a rationale that demands, often against superficial likes and dislikes, that I honour and respect everyone, including myself. Most of all it demands acceptance of people and conditions as they are. You might want to change the world, but it’s actually essential to be able to accept the way things are exactly as they are before you can do so. Usually, it’s in this clear mindset that we see the seeds of growth, the bud of the lotus, in the present conditions.

Carolyn @ ABC of Spirt Talk with her Post: Travel Confessions: Down the Memory Lane.  Carolyn takes us on a journey through Australia, someplace I’ve dreamed of visiting. “I’ve got a secret; I love Australia. This is my home, and I’m really happy to live here.”

Patrick Latter @ Canadian Hiking Photography.  Patrick posts – – I love.  Here’s one of his shots below.

Have a great Hump Day…

Larch Valley, Canada, Lake Louise, Woman, Black and white

Credits: Image Source – Peter Marsh via LaDona’s Music Studio


  1. I love Wednesday mornings – for the coffee certainly – but for your Wednesday recommendations. Not only are you batting whatever-the-average is when a batter is hitting consistently out of the park, I love to read your thoughts about these bloggers – they,re a terrific tease and invitation for us to enjoy them as well. Thank you and Happy Wednesday right back at ya.


  2. these are great David, thank you. i particularly like the line “everyone and everything is in a constant yet constantly changing form of perfection”; even i could be inspired at 4:56am with that attitude 😉 and that’s a beautiful photograph of a British Columbian fiord …


  3. Wonderful post, David! Much appreciated during my current insomnia moment.


  4. How very kind of you, David. You honor me with this inclusion. I feel deeply touched. Thank You.
    Australia is indeed a wonderful place. I hope one day you can make the journey; you would not be disappointed, I’m sure…


  5. Thank you for sharing this recommendations. I’m often overwhelmed by the amazing diversity of information available and appreciate your selections.


  6. Great links (again). Fantastic photos!


  7. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Saw that photo and for some bizarre reason, you popped into my head. Glad you like it. Interesting article by Cristian. Some of it was aimed squarely at me, but I disagree on a couple of points (of course, I don’t have 19000 followers).
    One thing I LOVE about your blog, Dave, is that you do reply to every comment and build relationships that way. And this might just be a personal thing, but when I’m reading other blogs that end with a question I feel like I’m in elementary school.


    • Cristian has very good content and the primary reason he has a huge following. I agree LaDona, I’ve struggled with the question at the end of the post thing – feels a bit contrived – but I see how it gathers engagement.


  8. Only one post today? Where are you?


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