Weekends are for…

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  1. Have to agree. There’s no place like home for relaxing.


  2. Simple, brief and straight to the point. Just the way I love it! 🙂 Lovely post.


  3. I like to go out but look forward to returning home just as much. Thanks for including my post. Introverts unite!


  4. I agree, especially after being gone for a while..


  5. I definitely agree in normal times. This past year not normal and feel like “Bubble Boy”.


  6. That’s all I really want to do but always end up dreaming about it 🙂


  7. Tell me about it…….


  8. Ahh…so true!! 🙂


  9. My pajama days at home are the best! They don’t happen often but when the do … blissful relaxation.


  10. Right now we’re traveling in Montana and I love my home but I love a holiday. However, I got sick a few days ago (just a bad flu that will go away again soon), and I suddenly wished I was at home in my own bed. There’s no place like home.


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