Friday night with Andrea…

We were introduced to Andrea Bocelli at a concert in Miami.   Now the American Airlines Arena isn’t a night with Andrea in Tuscany…but the evening was memorable nonetheless.  There are those that perform – and then there is Andrea Bocelli.  A man in a league of his own.   Several weeks later, I recall driving over the Miami causeway out to Key Biscayne.  It was a blistering summer, Sunday afternoon.   The sun roof was open.  There was acqua blue velvet water glistening all around me.  Warm tropical winds rushing through the car.  And Andrea belting out this song.  Andrea and me on Key Biscayne…fantasy island.


  1. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    You and Andrea… when do we get to hear the version with you singing backup?


  2. Bravo!


  3. I never get tired of listening to Andrea Bocelli sing. Sarah Brightman does a good job too. Beautiful.


  4. Your right…he is in a league of his own. I always feel good and inspired after listening to him. Thanks!


  5. Timeless


  6. Ah, lucky you. I still blast that cd (Romanza) from time to time; it is my favorite of his, even though it is from many years back. Love his voice. I hope my neighbors like it! Hope you had a wonderful time at the concert and that the music stays with you for awhile. ~ Lily


  7. foroneplease says:

    Time to say goodbye…one of my fav by him, and so true…”There are those that perform – and then there is Andrea Bocelli” awesome! 🙂


  8. The thing that I find amazing is how effortless he makes it appear–he opens his mouth and the music just soars. Gives me chills. Kathleen Battle has a similar effect on me, though I think that Bocelli is a much nicer person. Beautiful interlude, David. Thanks for sharing….


  9. So beautiful. And the interaction between Andrea and Sarah was lovely.


  10. Huge fan..a magnificent talent…I’m not as crazy about Sarah Brightman, but I feel comfortable saying that, ’cause I doubt she and I are ever going to meet. Well, Andrea and I are probably not going to meet either, but I want to make sure that if we ever did, everything I wrote about him will be consistent with my adoration. ‘Vivere’ on the Romanza cd…I don’t even know what they’re singing about, but I’m transported..


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