Work-Out Inspiration: Sail…

I would like to do this one time.  Bucket list addition. Blood is pumping here…

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  1. Wow!! How cool!!


  2. …and that’s why sailing is an Olympic sport! Gymnastics on water.


  3. INCREDIBLE! The skill of these folks is mesmerizing–it really is like a dance. The music is awesome, too, the perfect soundtrack. One of my bucket list items? Hauling a!$&@! Around the track in a Ferrari, ideally the new F12 with a Formula 1 driver behind the wheel…. Vroom!! 🙂


  4. I did that once. Boy, did I wake up exhausted.


  5. lkanigan says:

    Great video & music. Be awesome to go that. Maybe brother Rich could be skipper!


  6. richardkanigan says:

    Let’s go bro’s! There is a fresh breeze and the boat is ready to go.


  7. I cannot wait to see the video of when you get the chance to do this…pretty exciting stuff. We live close to San Francisco and will watch races in the bay way too cool.


    • You live in/near San Francisco too! (Michael Hurley) is there as well. I just adore your neck of the woods. And as to the video, you can be sure it won’t be of the same quality as this one!


  8. You should book your reservation today!


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