T.G.I.F.: I’m telling you, that’s not a croc…






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  1. I am truly laughing out loud (though quietly)..


  2. What a riot-I kept watching them disappear and thinking/hoping that “the next one” would catch on… 😉


  3. Laughing…..same reaction….guess that’s the point. We are really no different than the Bison. Even though we know the outcome, we do it anyway.


  4. Funny and insightful. We often think we are the one where the previous rules do not apply.


  5. Caption: “It is what it is.”


  6. Alex Jones says:

    The leader showed wisdom at the start, then threw that away to become a follower of the unwise, Darwin Awards were made for such leaders.


  7. That’s hilarious (except for the ones that get eaten). Like the rest of the commenters, I watched it many times. What does that say about me/us? Knowing what will happen. What a bloodthirsty lot we are!


  8. Too funny.


  9. It looks like a croc (or a crock of….) to me!


  10. Well I know that I certainly would not have been one to jump on something that I possibly thought was a croc, what was he or she thinking? Very funny though… Happy Friday David!


  11. Great post David! I love this one. It gets even funnier when it loops a few times. Thanks for sharing!


  12. Come oooooooooooon! XD


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