Friday night in Tokyo with Kem…

Years ago, I’m walking back to my hotel on a sultry Friday night in Tokyo.  Its been a grueling week.  I’ve been away from home for several weeks.  I’m dragging.  Friendly, safe country – but never quite at ease among strangers, away from my own bed.  I don’t recall the year.  I don’t remember the hotel.  But, I do remember this unforgettable Kem tune drifting out of the lounge.  I slump into a soft, cushy chair along the window and order a drink.  I ask the bartender if he wouldn’t mind playing the song again.  He indulges.  And I proceed to be immersed by “Love Calls” while I watch the Tokyo evening pass me by.  It feels like yesterday…



  1. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    Nice. I like it – and I’m not surprised that I do 🙂
    Mellow – a tenor sax adds to that every time (I WATCHED the video!!! – so I would have known this – even if I hadn’t heard this – which I did).
    And your writing is so compelling – makes me want to rush to sultry Tokyo!


  2. What a ‘cool’ musical backdrop to your memories of Japan…much different from my own musical association (where I actually wrote my sister from the hotel bar at 4AM and told her that I was living the movie “Lost In Translation”, Steve Lawrence and Edie Gorme were singing ‘Smile’)…


  3. Isn’t it amazing how music can make us feel at home. Even in my own home I feel so much more myself when music is playing in the kitchen. Loved the sound and imagery in this one. Thank you.


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