T.G.I.F.: “How much more can a man take?”

fairy-wren: grey heron hitching a ride

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  1. funny~


  2. Oh the indignity…where do you find these fabulous pictures (and don’t tell me that you were out running this morning and just happened to see a water buffalo….)


  3. I’d love to see this photo in your usual video clip format with the water buffalo repeatedly ducking his head under and the heron hopping up to keep his feet dry.


  4. Hmm. Analogous to the economy? You do find unusual photos. Thanks.


  5. jcwaldron says:

    Fun! As a bird person, I can identify with the disconcerting, heart-fluttering moment of having a bird land on your head. Especially when the bird is fast and/or approximates the size of your head. But once you and the bird are chums, it’s pretty cool for the bird to hang out on your shoulder and make sweet little happy bird noises. Maybe it’s like that for the water buffalo. I mean, not all animals get that kind of companionship.

    PS-I’m still working on the bird thing with Len. The owl video definitely put some points on the board for me.


  6. hahahahahaha!!!!! That is one patient buffalo! 😛


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