Birdie Update!

A month ago on yet another Sunday, I wrote a post called “I miss Birdie.”  Birdie was a fixture on my shoulder and my mind on Sundays. Here we are yet again talking about Birdie.  (That’s her in the photo on a spring day grazing on our tree in our yard.)

The post received many online and offline comments – – the offline comments coming from my cowardly-lion-friends and some from my family:

  • “Really?”
  • “Is this the same guy I know?”
  • Are you a real man? (This one made me LOL)
  • Dad, seriously?  You’ve cross the line again.
    Well, I’m pleased to report that Jessica, the new owner, read my post and has an update.  How unbelievably lucky are we!  When I read her update I was smiling throughout…Our little creature has had a lifestyle upgrade – – from flying Business Class with the Kanigan’s to First Class in her new home.  Here is Jessica’s response to my earlier post:


I have been waiting to get in touch with you, Dave!  This is Jessica, Birdie’s new owner! I’d be happy to answer any of your questions! She is doing wonderful and you should be happy to know she definitely came to the right house! She is on my shoulder as we speak, I wish I could leave a video for you!

She still loveesssss everything you mentioned above and much more!  I’m not sure if she knew the step up command or not but I think i was able to teach that to her. She never listens to anyone but me, LOL.   Since her wings are clipped she loves being outside on the small tree in our front yard (supervised of course!). She takes a bath every day in the shower, she sleeps with me IN MY BED every night…. and no she has never went to the bathroom in my bed she is good and waits till morning. If she doesn’t get to sleep with me she flaps her wings continuously until i pick her up. She is extremely spoiled. She eats all three meals with me everyday, one of her favorite foods has become mashed potatoes and anything sweet-but sweets are horrible for them so i try to avoid them! She LOVES music, she will dance non-stop to it.

Unfortunately, she isn’t very good at the potty training. She used to be but she often times is out of her cage way too long which is my fault i suppose. She LOVES riding in the car, she sings so much and dances (people look at me like I’m crazy).

At first i was petrified of her those first few nights she came to our house because she would attack! Haha, but now she knows she has to listen to me and never is a bad girl. She is doing great and I wanted to share that with you! I will keep checking this blog to hear back! Hope all is well.


Unbelievable!  Stay tuned right here for more future updates from Jessica. Conures have up to a 40-year life span, so we shouldn’t run out of things to share! Smile

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  1. AHHHH! How wonderful is that. I’m glad Birdie is doing well. It must give you such pleasure that you were able to connect with new owner through this avenue.



  2. Yes Francine, it does!


  3. THAT was one of the most delightful pieces I’ve EVER read!!! Wow!! Warmed me through and through!! God bless Birdie!! I’m sending this piece to my sister–the avid animal lover. You would loooooove her book, “My 15 Dogs: A 55-Year Journey of Love.” Get it at


  4. I’ve never had a bird, but I’ll tell ya, our dog died about seven years ago. Because of my hectic job, I’ve not gotten another one, but there is still, seven years later, quite a void in my life. I think St. Augustine talked about how there is a “dog shaped hole” in our souls….maybe it was something else….bless ya man!


  5. Love the comments here about the dogs — I certainly feel that the bond between humans and animals is amazing and wonderful. Your Birdie story really ranks high, and especially because Birdie has been blessed with people that love her so much. Thanks for sharing the great update and will be looking for more!


  6. I was so glad to read this. You must be feeling thrilled! All our love to Birdie! : )


  7. mrscmonkey says:

    What a beautiful bird. I would have wanted to keep her but so would my cats I think. Sounds like she has a lovely new owner


  8. It’s so good to hear that Birdie went to a good home. There’s a lot more to a bird than just a little fluff of feathers. They’re real characters.


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