Wednesday, Hump Day. Let’s hope your day is…

As beautiful as this day…but less steep!

My youth hockey coach used to say: “You’ve got to keep your feet moving” when they clutch and grab you to slow you down.  (Implying that you will get free and be able to press and attack or they will get a penalty if they pull you down.)

In many ways, life is no different.

Keep moving forward – One foot in front of the other – Grind it out – Persevere, even when headwinds are stiff…

Thank you slumscape


  1. Great photo. Great advice.


  2. Very apt David – it is literally and metaphorically windy on the business landscape today.


  3. You need lots of energy for that climb. Perfection 1000-word picture for “hump day.”


  4. Reblogged this on Repeat Excellence.


  5. Thank you so much for this extremely energizing and motivating photo! As my minister here says about Peter falling beneath waves when starting to walk toward Jesus, “He should have continued to put one foot in front of the other, instead of stopping even before he took his eyes off his Lord!”


  6. Hi,
    What a magnificent photo, the people look so small compared to what is around them, unreal image. 😉


  7. Great post!! And a great reminder that we never really fail until we stop trying!!


  8. Paco Gonzalez says:

    Great quote


  9. So very true!


  10. rukhsana malik says:

    its true in some way life is not different, very motivated n inspire me a lot…


  11. Some hump days are harder than others but focusing what lies ahead and where you want to be makes easier.


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