Your path to greatness begins with discontent…

I happen to agree with (and generally practice with varying degrees of effectiveness) every single one of the ten points of this great post by Dan Rockwell titled 10 Sure Fire Ways to Find Your Greatness.  And, I do strongly agree with his opening that “greatness is serving and the more you serve the greater you are.”

Yet, I’m personally troubled that I so passionately agree with all of Dan’s ten points – – especially #1 and #5.  One walks a very fine line here as a leader and a human – in retaining and nurturing followers for a sustained period of time and maintaining a healthy personal mental condition.  I do find myself languishing in the space of too much dissatisfaction and discontent and not enough balance.  Whispering my sutra …keep it real…keep it balanced…keep it real…keep it balanced…keep it real...keep it balanced.

If you are interested in adding to your list of leadership blogs, a good place to start is with Dan’s Leadership Freak blog.

What is greatness:

Greatness is serving; the more you serve the greater you are.

10 Ways to find your greatness:

                1. Embrace dissatisfaction. The path to greatness begins with discontent. Growth stops with contentment. All leaders are unhappy with something.
                2. Courageously confess frustration to yourself and others you trust.
                3. Face discontent with optimism. If you sink into despair, you’re done. Millions of reasons say you can’t. Find one reason you can and hang on. One good reason changes you.
                4. Reach for noble goals. Tomorrows dream change you today. Does your dream inspire? If not, it’s below you.
                5. *Forget balance.* Balanced people are safe, dull, and marginally effective. I have a friend who wants to teach English in China. Another couple wants to work with orphans in the same country. A third couple spends most of their spare time working with college students. They are unbalanced freaks, over-focused on serving.
                6. Serve others by helping them reach noble goals.
                7. Serve others so they can serve others. Exponential influence begins with multiplication not individual performance.
                8. Press through fear. Your greatness is on the other side of discomfort and fear. Fear keeps you average. Your greatest fear is letting go of average so you can reach higher.
                9. Surround yourself with success. Read, explore, and ask questions. I’ll never forget the day I asked a successful business man what he would do different. He said, “If I could go back, I’d take more risks.” KaPow!
                10. Just start.

Thank you Tony Caselli for sharing this post and for the inspiration.

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  1. Hi David, I think the list is very true, and all of the points certainly can start off the path to greatness. I also think although the list is true, its depressing. Too often we push through adversity to rise above the mundane; when actually we don’t need to hit discontent, or dissatisfaction except as a by-product of our internal guidance system telling us we are off track. I think if we are focussed on creating our desires as the best launch pad to creating greatness and believing that we don’t have to go through pain, discontent or lack of balance to achieve it, then we can achieve greatness, without the pain or discomfort experienced. So my suggestion as the number one way to achieve greatness, is “believe you can create your desires”. Hope your day is going well 🙂


  2. Great list, one to stick up in all those places where I can’t miss it! Cheers. JS


  3. I enjoyed reading this post. Press through fear is a big one for me. To lead requires getting out of your comfort zone. Any time we leave our safe place, we can expect to feel a certain amount of anxiety, no matter how much we believe in what we are doing. But without moving through the anxiety that goes with change, we cease to grow and risk being stuck in mediocrity. If we are able to put up with the temporary discomfort that accompanies change, we can do some wonderful things.


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    David Kanigan does it again…


  5. Great article! I have started lobbying for those that are wrongfully convicted and their families. Exposing the major corruption surrounding it and what it is doing to the average tax payer. I really needed to read this today, especially #3 and #5. I cannot allow despair to linger for more than half a day and the other, well I’m not balanced as this takes much time to accomplish the goals that I am working on! But, I already have evidence that I am making a difference for others. That is the reward! 🙂


  6. Oh, David, Number 7.”Serve others so they can serve others. Exponential influence begins with multiplication not individual performance.” is just beginning to work so well for me this Lenten Season! There is not enough room for me to enumerate the numbre of people online and in person I have almost inadvertently strengthened to the point of their helping others. I have done this mostly by just confessing my own limitations and what I find to help me with them!


  7. David thank you for the post, great points I signed up for Dan’s blog, thank you for the leading me to it.


  8. bipolarmuse says:

    Wonderful article… such wise advice. I love “Just Start”.


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