How I ricochet between…




God, how I ricochet between certainties and doubts.

~ Sylvia Plath










Quote Source: thingssheloves via loveyourchaos.  Image Source: iamscottdo via Mme Scherzo

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  1. Beautiful picture and I can relate to the quote.

  2. Okay David, you select the best shots to include! – this one is stunning – I adore the mix up of colors – haven’t liked or commented much because I’ve been working fast and long – however it’s nice to get your blog – and ride along on your life journey –
    Blessings, Shawna

    • Well now, looked who dropped by. Thanks so much Shawna – glad to hear that you are so focused on your work and making progress. Best of luck on your journey as well.

  3. Is the image above a portrait of Sylvia Plath?

  4. ‘Ricochet” is the best verb..sometimes my mind feels like a ball in a pinball game…

  5. I sometimes have those moments, like pingpong.

  6. Great post and pic.

  7. I love the candor of this…

  8. Many can relate to this quote, beautiful pic.

  9. We are legion, or is it legend. . . I doubt most certainties.

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