This is your brain on drugs. This is your brain on…


Source: conflictingheart via creatingaquietmind

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  1. Yup, exactly..

  2. Agree! Creative and true! :)

  3. I remember those old commercials with the egg from when I was a kid–used to scare the crap out of me. Pretty apt portrayal of worry I’d say…

  4. This image reminds me of defragmenting!!!! …quite close to a worried brain!

  5. Looks like a maze with no cheese at the end.

  6. Gives me a headache…I am going to try to worry less. Happy Tuesday David

  7. If that’s my brain on worry, I think I’m in trouble!

  8. My brain when I woke up this morning.

  9. lkanigan says:

    I think mine has more colors and are flashing.

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