Hump Day Inspiration: One-Two. One-Two. One-Two!!!!!


Source: headlikeanorange

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  1. A turtle with a driving mission to head back to the sea…my driving mission is to head back to bed…:-)

  2. It is always good to have a goal in life.

  3. I thought turtles were slow movers. This one is making me tired just watching him.


  4. Dear me, I do hope the Soup Man trying to bag him? Arrest that illegal hunter immediately. Poor turtle D: They’re such beautiful creatures.

    I prefer to believe the turtle is racing another of its kind, and winning – perhaps on a quest to commandeer the best egg-laying patch.

    Of course, it could just have gone stark-staring mad :-)

  5. Instinct is an amazing thing, isn’t it?

  6. Down here (South FL), we’re always rooting for these babies. They gotta book like mad from their nest to the ocean — that’s when they get picked off by predators. Volunteers actually help some of the breeds, and help guide them away from the road’s street lights to the light of the moon + ocean. Go babies, go…! I love seeing that drive.

  7. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. You’ve got a great blog here!

  8. Amazing how they are drawn to the sea. Safe to say that some times you may have to get a little dirty in pursuit of your ultimate goals. It may be a little uncomfortable, the odds may be against you – but the reward is great.

    Nice video – thanks!

  9. Last one in is a rotten egg…….

  10. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Can you hear me scream? Your Sisyphean videos are mesmerizing and can drive a person crazy(er). For your readers who may not know about Sisyphus, here’s a definition: “A cruel king of Corinth condemned forever to roll a huge stone up a hill in Hades only to have it roll down again on nearing the top.”
    Don’t take my comment the wrong way, I’m always fascinated, but …oh well, I’m smiling….Let me know when the turtle finally reaches the sea…or the soup pot.

  11. Great Graphic!

  12. Have fallen in love with this speeding tortoise!

  13. Weirdly exhausting to watch…

  14. This is really cute!!!

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