Hump Day Inspiration #2: Go, make something happen…

Source: Daily Inspiration & Motivation

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  1. You rock! That’s all there is to it…no permission was sought before posting this comment. I just went ahead and did it…:-)

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    Hump Day Inspiration #2: Go, make something happen…
    April 25, 2012 By David Kanigan

    by Seth Godin
    Source: Daily Inspiration & Motivation

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    My crew does this every day–greet a few folks, chew a few bones, spark a few smiles!

  6. Shared on Facebook and Reblogged on GREAT post, David. I’m doing a pitch to a potential new client today, so this is a good ‘kick in the pants’ to make things happen. THANKS!

  7. Reposting on my FB business page! Love this…great encouragement for my circle of crafters!! Thanks for sharing DK.

  8. Love this!

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    Nicely focussed. Keep your eye on the ball, breathe and make things happen.

  10. Need this one today! Thanks David.

  11. Simple & straight forward.

  12. Okay, David. Will do. ;-)

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    Thank goodness you finally posted something I could reblog. My production was down today…

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  15. Head ‘em up and move ‘em out, David!


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