Hump Day Inspiration #1: Some days, you just can’t run fast enough…




Source: headlikeanorange – A Southern Sea Lion chases a Gentoo Penguin

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  1. …well, I sure hope this poor penguin does!

  2. This is from The Blue Planet isn’t it? I’m not sure the penguin ends up winning this race…but since we don’t see that today, I’m going to pretend that it did! :-)

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  4. Today is World Penguin Day and I also posted pictures of penquins here: Love yours.


  5. I can totally relate

  6. Oh jeez, go little penguin, go!

  7. OMG….I so resemble that little Penguin…in so many ways!!! LOL!!!

  8. Awesome video of heart & determination.

  9. What a teaser! So what happened next? …or do I want to know?

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  11. Nevertheless, we keep on flapping, don’t we?

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