You are a…

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  1. Unfortunately perishing a little more every day.

  2. Don’t remind me D:

  3. lkanigan says:

    Very true quote. Sinks in even deaper when dealing with health challenges. You then really do appreciate the value of time & life.

  4. So true! Good thing to keep in mind.

  5. That’s a ripe message for tweeting. Simple and full of depth.

  6. Reblogged this on Not Perfect Me.

  7. Well..when you say it like that.

  8. love your post, yep we are decaying as we speak…

  9. We are but a vanishing mist says The Bible in more than one place. :)

  10. so true….

    thanks for sharing

  11. Reblogged this on Walt Viviers | Blog and commented:
    I agree entirely…

  12. LOL!! Well said!!

  13. Snappy salute back at you, Commander David, on this one!


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