What touches you is what you touch…

Good Sunday Morning.

I just crossed my six-month anniversary on this blogging journey. I thought I’d share a bit of my reflection.

It all started on Google+ in September.  Result: Crickets. Crickets? No one there.

I then moved to Facebook.  Result: Literally got thrown out by some “Friends” and “de-Friended” by others.  Wrong platform.

And then I found WordPress. Home sweet home.

I labored over my blog title selection and landed on “Lead. Learn. Live.”  My son suggested that the tag line was missing symmetry.  That it needed another “L” and it should be “Lead. Learn. Live. Loser.”  (Is it any wonder then why I desperately need external sources of inspiration?)

My biggest surprise.  The blogging community.  Inspiring.  Talented. Closer knit then I would have ever imagined.  A real community.

I’ve had exceptional bloggers who didn’t know me – reach out to the rookie with a helping and encouraging hand. (Why they chose to do so, I’m still scratching my head.)  Thank you Kurt Harden @ Cultural Offering, Steve Layman @ Anderson Layman’s Blog and Nicholas Bate.

Todd LoHenry @ e1evation, a blogging SME (subject matter expert), offered his help after he must have noticed me stumbling around with my posts.  (Prior to this time, I had not known Todd.  He approached me on an unsolicited pay-it-forward-like basis.)  He pointed me to his YouTube training videos.  He introduced me to the term “Curation.”  (Who knew!)  He directed me to Google Reader, Windows Live Writer and Zemanta.  Todd has saved me countless hours of struggle and frustration on the “how” part of this blogging business. I’m deeply grateful to Todd.

Thank you to all of my followers who read, LIKE and comment (with special mention to Mike, Tina, Kristen, Peter, Francine, Mimi, Christian, Lorne, Rich, Susan, Rose, Greg and the countless others that I’ve left out).  I smile, laugh, ponder and feel blessed that you ride along this journey with me.

As to the post content, I started out with blog posts heavily slanted on “Lead” – – Leadership. Management. Business.  I’ve found that I’ve veered sharply into the “Learn” and “Live” legs. I’m not exactly sure how this transformation occurred…but I promised myself these posts would flow from whatever inspired me in the moment. And we’re holding straight and true to this commitment to me.

After long days at the office, I’m not looking to take the saw out again and keep sawing – I am on the other hand looking to be taken to a quieter, calmer place – – and have this (unpaid) Labor of Love take me there. And so we’re going to continue to ride the “Inspiration Train.” Or as Mimi would put it – the Inspiration Truck.

Or, as Margaret Atwood (legendary Canadian author and poet) closes in her poem above: “What touches you is what you touch.”

Happy Sunday everyone…

Image Source: Margaret Atwood Poem shared by Mme Scherzo.  Thank you.


  1. Know what you mean about Facebook. When your professional and social lives cross, there can be occasional conflicts.


  2. I think we have something in common up there -thanks David -you’re the best!


  3. Reblogged this on MyDestiny2011.


  4. …and may I add for six months -you’ve done great too ~sincerely.


  5. David I enjoyed all your post and you are a true inspiration to me. Happy 6TH month anniversary!


  6. David, I’m stunned to learn that you’ve only been doing this for 6 months — you’ve got serious game! It’s my goal and my privilege in my business to help thinkers like you become thought leaders, but you were already well on your way. I’m glad you could benefit from the technical tips I’ve shared. What will the next 6 months bring?


  7. I keep facebook as strictly for friends, alhough I do put links there to any blog posts I think will amuse them. Twitter is all about writing banter and interesting links. I’ve only been on WordPress since December. It’s a great community, and, for me, a much better platform than blogger.

    I love your blog:-) When I find out about the various blog awards that people give each other, you’ll find one coming your way. Don’t quite know how it works yet. Further research required.


    • Thanks Sarah. I have created a separate Page on Facebook away from my social Friends page. They can be linked and this seems to work. As to blog awards, I’m flattered but the fact that you follow along is plenty of award enough for me. Thanks again.


  8. lkanigan says:

    Even though we are brothers I am blown away at the level of information you are sharing with all of us. I look forward to your blog everyday to see if I will learn, be inspired or surprised. Your first six months as a blogger is only a warm up…your best is yet come!!


  9. David, I fear you can’t go quietly into a calmer, quieter place – unless you take all of us with you. I have learned from you, been prompted to consider my perspective by you and feel privileged to be sharing a small part of your journey with you. You climbed on board my karma truck (and I’m more of a blogging novice than you), and for that I feel sure that I must have done something right in this lifetime. You continue to inspire, lead, learn – and know that many of us are right behind you!


    • LOL. Your stated fear for me above is totally on point. I was laughing when I read it yesterday. How do you know me so well? Jekyll on weekends and Hyde during the week. 🙂 Thanks so much for your kind words. I enjoy your thought and comments and appreciate your followership. Dave


  10. I love this blog! I can’t believe how much feeling you must put into posts like this one. It’s truly inspiring. I hope I can have as good of a first six months as you!


  11. I’ve heard this recently: That which touches you is what you are called to heal. Lovely post today and I’m glad to be one of your followers. Happy Sunday!!


  12. David, I had no idea that you have only been doing this for six months. I do enjoy your posts. Keep up the good work!


  13. Happy 6 month anniversary, you are a natural born blogger from what I can tell!


  14. Congrats on 6 months as a blogger! The blogging community is great, isn’t it? Through blogging, I’ve actually made some terrific friends, and have found supportive people who believe in me and what I’m about. One of my oldest followers and I have actually become outside the blog world friends, we talk on the phone and she’s given me invaluable feedback about many different things and even recently rewarded me a “scholarship” of sorts to help pay for a class that will further help me in developing skills I want and need to find the job I am seeking. I recently broke up with facebook because I found that at this point in my life, I am looking to develop real connection with people. As a result, I’ve spent more time getting to know others blogs and have started focusing on other social media platforms and as a result I am finding such a wonderful, engaging on line world out there.

    Thanks so much for you post. I enjoy your blog and I’m glad I’ve stumbled upon it. 🙂


  15. rakanigan says:

    lead, learn, live, legit (somewhat now), loser (still)…LOL.


  16. Congrats on the first milestone, David. kids..go figure! I agree with your statement about WordPress! Thank you to them for providing a great service that allows us to meet each other. i am glad you moved over1


  17. Dave, you are a true inspiration and so generous with your support of other bloggers. I am learning a lot from you! I, too, am totally blown away by the fact that you’ve only been doing this for six months. I just assumed that you’d been at it for years. You are so good at it! Please keep it up. – Jay


  18. Congratulations on your milestone, Dave. And, you pay it forward, too. Thank you for support of other bloggers, including me.

    It will be interesting to where your inspiration takes you in the next six months. Bet it will be a treat for all of us.



  19. The Margaret Atwood quote EXACTLY describes how I myself feel about this most wondrously supportive wordpress community! So very pleased you are enjoying it, growing with it (and us!). Thank you so much for your mention of me. So very glad to be catching up with you again, after winning a MS deadline battle on the 16th! I love the way you are developing your blog, including shorter and more “soulful” posts in with the teaching ones.


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