There’s still time today to burn…


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  1. Ok! I’m cranking up the radio right now. Thanks for the reminder. Now here’s a little something for you:

    About a month ago, I switched from blogging on to The change has been remarkable. The readers on WordPress are far more interactive than those on Blogger. I feel welcomed into the new WordPress community.

    In that vein, a real sweetheart made my day, by nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award. A “shout out” and thank you to Turber of for the nomination.

    Now, I am nominating YOU! You have been one of the bloggers who has welcomed me, so this is my way of thanking you.

    On March 20, I will post your site on my blog as a nominee for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please read the post that day to find out all the details. There is a nice award .jpeg you can add to your site.


  2. richardkanigan says:

    just back from a bike ride, I am sure I burned at least 2 Thousand calories! better have a cheeseburger…


  3. Sorry pal. According to the chart (which is the word on this subject), you burned about 1500 calories. Skip the cheese on burger.


  4. Interesting! There are so many alternatives! Nice one!


  5. lol, Dave. For a week I have been trying to get motivated again to do my regular workout routine. But you just helped me…. I’ll start tomorrow for sure. 🙂


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    Bruciare, bruciare, bruciare!


  7. LaDona's Music Studio says:

    I vote for running…

    Nice timing on this post!


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    I’ll definetely have to re-start again.~Thanks David.


  9. What counts as “intense dancing”?


  10. Dancing is my choice … Love these kinds of lists. Thanks for the post.


  11. Hi David,

    Ingenious little breakdown you have here. I’m a calories in vs. calories out kind of girl, so it’s interesting to see what a few of these activities that I normally don’t incorporate into my workout regiment would do for me. For me, getting to the gym is never an issue — it’s my release and escape after a tedious day of writing — but I can see how those working a typical 9-5 might not want have yet another obligation to add to their already over-extended day. Making cardio fun is a great way to keep motivated and break up the monotony of bikes and treadmills.

    Thanks for sharing, and nice to meet you.


    • Hi Cara. Sounds like you have good balance between calories in and out. I’m all-in on “calories in” and gym is “always an issue.” Lucky for me, my DNA is set right where it hasn’t been a problem (yet). Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Dave


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    Loved this and just had to share!


  13. thanks for posting!


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    Top 10 execises Calorie Burning


  15. Love this! Thanks!


  16. I have been combining race-walking with yoga stretches and steep hill climbing, over 3-4 miles average perday–gradually extending to average 5-6 miles per day! I am just loving this way of transitioning from winter to spring. So grateful for your helpful calorie-burning chart on this post!


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